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Agriculture Mechanics- Fabrication

Agriculture Mechanics 1

- Mr. George

This is an introductory level class that will cover basic Ag Mechanics skills. The skills covered, but not limited to, will be arc welding, oxy-acetylene cutting, wood working, electrical, small engine service and repair, and tractor safety/ operation. Our focus will be on shop safety at ALL TIMES and will work to maintain a safe learning environment for all students. Since every student in this class is considered an FFA member we will cover FFA materials throughout the year and a percentage of the student’s grade will be decided from his/her performance during these sections.


Advanced Welding

- Mr. Deniz

Each Student will be able to demonstrate the ability to weld in all positions and joints using the arc welding process and 6010/7018 electrode in addition to MIG welding (short circuit and spray globular techniques)Students will also be able to create 3 view drawings of projects/objects, interpret blueprints and be able to complete an actual project estimate/bill of materials.  Time permitting this class may also include small metal project construction.



ROP Welding

- Mr. Deniz

This course is designed to build off the skills learned in ag mech I and II in order to provide students with the opportunity to become proficient in the area of metal design and fabrication. A large component of the course is project or shop based. This course will provide students with the skills and competencies to make them employable as a welder/fabricator or prepare them for further instruction in the same area at a local college or technical center.



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