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Agriculture Biology

- Mrs. Luera & Ms. Bianchi

Agriculture Biology is a one-year, laboratory science course, designed for the college bound student with career interests in agriculture.  Using agriculture as a learning vehicle, the course emphasizes the principles, central concepts and inter-relationships among the following topics:  the molecular and cellular aspects of life, the chemical and structural basis of life, energetics of life, growth and reproduction in plant and animal genetics ecological relationships among plants, animals, humans and the environment, nutrition in animals, health and diseases in animals and the similarities between animals and humans.  The course is centered on an extensive laboratory component in order to connect the big ideas of all life science with agricultural applications, earth and physical science principles and other curricular areas, including written and oral reporting skills.

Agriculture Soil & Chemistry

-  Ms. Luxon & Ms. Bianchi

This is a college preparatory course for students interested in pursuing agricultural science programs in college, with emphasis on chemistry's applications to the environment and agricultural practices. Students will spend approximately 30% of this course engaged in laboratory exercises. Since this is an agricultural education course, students will also participate in leadership development and create a supervised agricultural experience program. Due to the co-curricular nature of FFA and SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) students will be required to participate in both FFA activities and SAE involvement, both of which are graded components of the course. As a culminating component to the class, students will also develop and present a content-relevant research project for the local Agriscience Fair. Students must have received satisfactory grades in Algebra as well as Agriculture Biology

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